Web Portal

Web portal is the key component that helps managers plan their territory coverage strategies based on anlaysis of secondary sales data that is being captured by field force.

The portal enables the managers spot uncovered territories, untouched routes, dormant retailers, slow moving stocks by territories, in-efficient supply and poor displays that require immediate action.

BeatRoute Desktop Features

BeatRoute Web Portal has a wide range of features boasting of contextual & actionable screens, and allowing easy functionality of the app.

Supported Browser BeatRoute web portal runs on major web browsers including
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome
  • Safari

Mobile App

BeatRoute app has contextual and actionable screens on the smartphone for in-field resources. The app helps in any last mile activity that is about reaching out to a target audience. Designed to cover business processes across industry verticals BeatRoute supports sales execution, visual merchandising field coverage, market survey, extension activities and after sales service.