Visual Merchandising

  • Most brands believe shelf-share directly impacts market share

    Across industries, brands make huge investments in point-of-sale branding believing shelf-share directly impacts market share.
  • However, Ensuring execution quality at thousands of retail points is a challenge

    • Opaque activation status to head quarter
    • Wrong placement
    • Inconsistent displays

BeatRoute Mobile App secures your investment by helping you measure

  • Product Visibility In Store
  • Share Of Shelf
  • Store Branding

How we make it possible.

  • Campaign Design

    • Combine VM elements like: POSM, Product Display Planogram, SOS
    • Define Benchmark Images
    • Ask Questions
  • Campaign Targeting on Selected Stores

    • Target stores by Geographical Location
    • Target stores by Geographical Location
  • Reporting from Field

    • Intuitive zero-training interface for field force to provide feedback on campaigns
    • Offline and poor network support
    • Click and submit images for visual grading, and reference
  • Central Audit & Reports

    • Rate & Review the feedback from field
    • Optional barcode scan for specific product categories
    • API suite, for analytics with advance BI systems
    • Provide data access to auditors

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