At the heart of BeatRoute platform is its core framework vwMEAP or a templatized Mobile Enterprise Application Platform. There are layers of architectural elements that serve different purposes.

Every piece of technology deployed in BeatRoute is either to map it to a business process or to enhance the user’s experience. This makes it easy for the end users to understand the application and be inspired to adopt it.

App Features

  • SOA
    Middle Tier

    Allows secure web services based integration with ERP system such as SAP or any other third party system

  • Client

    This is a unique feature that allows specific customizations for each company without diluting the robustness of a single instance SaaS architecture

  • Offline

    Most of the business critical transactions can be done offline on the mobile device when it is out of network zone

  • Map

    Integration with Google Maps for Business to facilitate map view based intelligence

  • Notification

    Notification broadcast and event based notifications for connected and collaborating field force

  • Media
    Streaming Backbone

    Media streaming for on-the-spot play with protection against low and intermittent network signals

  • Embedded

    Discovery of symptoms and actionable intelligence inside the portal framework through a business intelligence layer

  • Mobile
    Device Management

    Implementation of enterprise security policy on individual mobile devices

Our technology backbone at a glance
Technology details