Product Promoter Enablement

  • Looking to drive sales through product promoters?

    Well we all know the obvious benefits.
    • Avoid stock-outs
    • Ensure compliance of Visual Merchandising Campaigns
    • Competitor Insights
    … And of course! An evangelist at the point of sale can swing a customer in your favour.
  • But, do these questions bother you?

    • Are they even present at stores when customers walk-in?
    • Is your brand presented accurately at POS?
    • Are they following the sales process?

BeatRoute is a single, easy-to-use app that helps maximize ROI through your promoters

  • Presence & Grooming assurance
  • Standardized communication to consumers
  • Robust sales process execution at every store

How we make it possible.

  • First things first, Ensuring required face-time with customer.

    • GPS tagged attendance to ensure presence
    • Selfie with face recognition to ensure grooming
    • Leave declaration, & In-app notifications to sales managers on team's absence
  • Protecting in-store marketing investment, with feedback on Visual Merchandising

    • Comprehensive VM setup and reporting framework
    • VM campaigns and Store Guidelines with benchmark pictures
    • Targeting of campaign recipes based on store profile
    • A robust way of providing evidence from the field with high resolution pics
  • Standardizing communication at POS, with Mobile Learning & Demonstration to customers

    • Training and assessment setup
    • Role based targeting
    • Secure multimedia content delivery
    • Offline viewing of content
  • Sales Rigor with Offtake reporting

    • Offtake reporting with or without customer details
    • Optional barcode scan for specific product categories
    • API for backend authentication of reported offtake
  • Reporting Stock-outs

    • Report stock-outs
    • Notifications to supervisors
    • Compare stock levels with stock norms
  • Effective team communication, & interactive scorecard

    • Targeted notification option based on hierarchy, store type, and geography
    • Create custom notification rules
    • Interactive scorecard for promoters, and managers on mobile

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