At the heart of BeatRoute platform is its core framework that allows high degree configurability yet a great user experience to facilitate field force management across industry verticals.

We see your customer's world to be consisting of their field force, customers, partners and interactions among them. To achieve high degree of user experience BeatRoute offers a repository of use cases that can be switched on/off.

GPS Intelligence

GPS awareness in action, reporting, and intelligence

Works Offline

Designed for poor and no connectivity

Notification Centre

System driven alerts and selective top-down broadcast

API suite for Integration

Reliable and secure API framework for data exchange with other systems


Enterprise-Class security and compliance standards

Plug and Play

Easy to deploy with minimal training requirements

Modular & Configurable

Use Case and Module level switches

Integrated Analytics

Integrated world class analytics for holistic field force management.

Discovery Cues

Machine learning backed insightful notifications

Our Technology Backbone at a Glance