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Release 1.7 - Smarter, Richer and Smoother BeatRoute

With this release BeatRoute aims to make direct impact on sales from every territory. In-context intelligence for Order Taking, Guaranteed geo-coding for retail stores and a keyboard friendliness for our integrated DMS platform.

May 2015
Release 1.6 Goes Live - More robust In-Store-Promotion

Customers can now roll out a store coverage strategy with the help of BeatRoute. It becomes possible to classify stores in different categories and follow specialized beat schedule strategies. Retailer search and analysis features can be used to continually refine store classifications to maximize sales

May 2014
Release 1.5 – Notification Backbone

BeatRoute powers itself with a notification backbone with host of auto triggered messages as well as contextual message broadcasts. This feature is targeted at cultivating a culture of collaboration among the field force.

Feb 2014
BeatRoute Wins an Award

Reputed international forum Cloud Advantage awards best mobility platform for its user interface to BeatRoute.

Dec 2013
BeatRoute Launched in India

India support center is established and we start selling in India. All India Food Processing Association (AIFPA) invites us to present the new way of handling sales team to its members.

Oct 2013
Release 1.2 – Comprehensive Platform for FMCG and Consumer Durables

First comprehensive version is made available as a SaaS platform with functionalities covering sales and marketing functions of a FMCG and Consumer Durables industry.

Sep 2013
Release 1.6.5 Goes Live - Store Classification and Coverage Strategy

Protection against proxy attendance at Modern Retail stores and improved robustness with background processes and compression technology. With on the go team performance dashboard on mobile app, managers feel in sync with their feet on street.

Sep 2014
Release 1.4 - Visual Route Mapping Tool

BeatRoute now available with territory mapping tool with visual map context to help optimize route planning. It helps territory managers increase penetration and use the feet-on-street in most optimal manner.

Dec 2013
First Customer in India

BeatRoute gets its first customer in India. This reputed food processor and distributor uses it across traditional and modern retail channels.

Oct 2013
Release 1.3 - Advance Beat Planning Tool

BeatRoute is now equipped with an advance beat scheduling tool to help customers evaluate effectiveness of beat schedules and retain or modify them for future.

Oct 2013
BeatRoute is Born

A few of us get into a discussion with a prospective SAP customer about how one global large format retailer sells its shelf space for a high price and is more profitable per square feet of retail space than the nearest competitor by a good margin. All of us know that the concerned retailer makes it possible by ensuring most optimal shelf stock and display. We also understand it is a huge operational challenge in most countries to ensure product displays be able to receive store level feedback on continual basis. A bit of research in next few days and we realize most of the solution providers in this space have not woken up to the power of smartphones and powerful interfaces of mobile apps. BeatRoute is born and gets its first customer in USA.

Feb 2013