Mobile App

Easy to use and powered by application functionality that is designed for the business process. This mobile app covers business processes across industry verticals, such as secondary sales execution, visual merchandising, field coverage, market survey, competitor activity reporting, offtake reporting and in-store promotion.

Right from filling up an order to ticking off a checklist to capturing feedback, this app has all the essential features. With just a mobile in hand, front line field force can view today's beat plan and update each of their activities tagged with geo location, time stamped and pictures.

BeatRoute Mobile App

Supported Devices BeatRoute mobile app is supported by all Smartphones having Android OS version 2.3.5+ and is best experienced with a screen size ranging from 3.5 inches to 5 inches for most of the functionality. Multi-media content dissemination and viewing is best used with phablet and tablet sizes. App is optimized for the Portrait mode. A basic phone with camera, GPS, network connection is powered to run all features of BeatRoute. In most countries, an android phone that can run BeatRoute is available for about 100$.
Some of the suggested devices which runs BeatRoute mobile app seamlessly are -
Operating System
Android (Ginger Bread 2.3.5+)
GPS - For location capturing
A-GPS or GPS enabled for GPS relevant Reporting
Screen Size - Recommended for better user experience
2 MP
Camera - Recommend for optimal picture quality for visual merchandizing activities
>= 3.5 Inches
RAM - Client specific business scenario may demand more RAM
>=512 MB
Connection Type
Minimum 2G
Battery - Recommendation is to rely on field test
>1400 mAh
Touchscreen - Required

Please get in touch with us to know about specific makes and models that we recommend in your country.

Web Portal

Portal brings the power to paln and manage all field activities. BeatRoute web portal offers carefully designed process specific transactions, coupled with ability to setup tasks and campaigns using pre-loaded templates. Access to field execution data and analysis is just a click away with host of innovative interfaces! .