Field Force Agencies

Market strategist often come up with BTL activities that are operationally challenging to deliver. Field Force agencies are expected to not just execute on these plans but often work on expedited schedules and mobilize sizable field force over a spread-out geography.

What are the challenges field force agencies face?

  • Offering visibility into field force execution to its customer base
  • Low efficiency and productivity from a scattered field force
  • Centralized control of field force activities and communication

A Cost-effective Solution

  • BeatRoute is a cost-effective solution for your business and it has a subscription based opex model. Take bulk subscription and offer it to your customers with full end user support from our support center.

How BeatRoute mobile app successfully overcomes it?

  • Sub-accounts for field force agencies that allows their own customers to use BeatRoute
  • Stock and offtake reporting for franchise stores or shop-in-shop formats.
  • Market survey and mystery shopping assignments
  • Planogram compliance audits
  • VM rollout schedule maintenance and adherence tracking
  • Rollout campaign setups with custom checklists and picture driven feedback.

What it costs?

Please check our pricing page for more details or reach us at