Benefits & ROI

BeatRoute renders numerous benefits to the business users. It gives you the option of handling your business through a mobile app which is easy to operate.


Using BeatRoute has numerous benefits that help you gain a stronger market position, get insights, analysis and much more...

Territory Coverage

Reliable Territory Coverage for higher market penetration

Distribution and Sales

Visibility and Control for expedited growth of distribution and sales network


BeatRoute ensures adherence of planogram and display share agreements

Tactical Analysis And Insights

The portal has strategic plus tactical analysis and insights which can be availed by the business managers to respond to the data and reports coming from field.

Integrated platform

BeatRoute has an integrated platform with managers and sales agents interacting live, thereby resulting in further business efficiency

Good Market Reach

Managers are enabled to handle larger network of sales associates which helps in a good market reach and coverage for business

Market feedback

The business user gets short cycle market feedback on promotions and schemes alongside competitor’s schemes and promotions

Receive Guidelines, Instructions

Business executives can manage VM and display material, POSM and can monitor realtime progress. They also have the advantage of receiving guidelines and instructions

ROI for your Business


Sales force effectiveness results in Payback for subscription fee in first month of rollout and payback for smartphone expenses in 5 months.

Increase In Sales

Implementation of classification of customers and scheduled touchpoints results in 10% increase in sales.

Fewer Chances Of Lost Sales

Timely discovery of stock outages at secondary or tertiary level results in up to 20% fewer chances of lost sales.

Expedited Increase In New Retailers

For growing companies, expedited increase in new retailers results in 20% higher sales in every territory.

Controlled Visual Merchandizing

Controlled visual merchandizing might result in 10% fewer chances of lost sales.

Faster Scalability of Field Force

Connected field force means 100% faster scalability of field force in newer markets.