Apparel Retailing

Apparel retailing is considered one of the most sophisticated operations from the perspective of offering newer choices to the consumer. It actually thrives on fast moving fashion trends.

What are the challenges faced in Apparel Retailing industry?

  • Co-ordinated rollout of new merchandize over a large number of stores in a short period.
  • Planogram strategies are key to success and hard to monitor and control across stores.
  • Roll-out of in-store promotional material and product display artifacts.
  • In-store sales promotion at shop-in-shop formats.

A Cost-effective Solution

  • BeatRoute is a cost-effective solution for your business and it has a subscription based opex model.

How BeatRoute mobile app successfully overcomes it?

  • VM rollout schedule maintenance and adherence tracking.
  • Rollout campaign setups with custom checklists and picture driven feedback.
  • Planogram compliance audit by external agency.
  • Stock and offtake reporting for franchise stores or shop-in-shop formats.

What it costs?

Please check our pricing page for more details or reach us at